Fabricated Parts

Fabricated parts in PTFE as well as other high-performance fluoropolymers and thermoplastics.

Our production facilities are equipped with last generation machinery (CNC milling and turning, automatic and sliding head stock lathes) that work round the clock for high volume production. This does not detract us from being flexible and able to offer small or prototype series as well as medium and large series of very complex finished parts with very accurate tolerances and a wide range of sizes up to a diameter of 2100 mm (82”).

Our strength

fluorseals is in a position to meet the most demanding standards in the industry:

  • Surface roughness up to Ra 0.2 can be granted for some specific machined components.
  • The highest degree of process control and quality inspection: many applications (such as automotive or aerospace) require full process approval and require products that are certified as being fully compliant. We have been able to offer a defect rate of p.p.m. = 0 in the automotive industry and we can also grant a process capability of CPK › 1.67.
  • Alternatively, we can also guarantee up to 100% dimensional and optical control. Our advanced digital optical control system allows us to chec very strict tolerances that may vary depending on sizes, material and design.
  • Consistent and reliable production processes for manufacturing large quantities of components.