Back-up rings

Back-up rings provide protection and additional resistance in sealing applications and prevent extrusion failure in O-rings and seal damage when subjected to high pressures, larger extrusion gaps and/or high temperatures.

The direction of pressure in the sealing application dictates whether 1 back-up ring or 2 back-up rings are used.

They are normally recommended for applications where:

  • The pressure of the fluid medium exceeds 10MPa
  • Low-strength elastomeric O-rings are used
  • Adverse mechanical conditions prevail.

Due to our vertical integration, our production is large in volume and industrialised thereby guaranteeing synergies, quality and competitive price.

Rectangular, spiral, concave shapes, standard according to MS 27595, MS 28774, MS 28782.

Special shapes and sizes according to customer drawings available on request.

Back-up rings: materials

Virgin PTFE, filled PTFE, PEEK.

We can also offer NORSOK M710 certification for virgin and modified PTFE, soft carbon PTFE, PEEK.