Steel Lined Gaskets

PTFE Steel Lined Gaskets are highly recommended in nearly all applications that require the sealing of metallic flange joints in high temperature and/or high pressure conditions to prevent cold flow which can lead to joint failure.

Reinforced with perforated stainless steel inserts (AISI 304) PTFE Steel-lined Gaskets have properties that are far superior and more cost effective than other gasket designs.

Designed to meet the needs of many different piping applications, they are ideal whenever a non-metallic gasket must be used. Unaffected by even the most aggressive chemicals, PTFE Steel Lined Gaskets combine all the properties of PTFE together with exceptional sealability.

Engineered with a perforated stainless steel insert that is mesh molded in PTFE material, these gaskets exhibit exceptional creep resistance for the reliable sealing of steel piping flanges.

Steel Lined Gaskets: materials

PTFE lined gaskets that meet the standards according to EN 1514-1 and ASME B16.21 standards, are made of Virgin PTFE and full PTFE calcium fluoride, recommended for the Chemical application of fluorine and to improve the deformation properties of compressive strength.