Envelope Gaskets

Envelope Gaskets, are designed to meet the needs of flanged joints in pipe applications, operating with highly aggressive fluids that could affect the integrity and/or properties of other materials.

Key properties

  • PTFE envelope protects the insert from aggressive media
  • Can be used in Food Applications as PTFE is FDA-approved
  • Flanged surface is free of any contamination
  • Wide range of temperatures from -200°C (-328° F) to +260°C (500° F)
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Low porosity
  • PTFE can also be used to cover flange joints with irregular surfaces

Envelope Gaskets are available in different shapes based on the application and the customer’s needs.

Circular-shaped or U-shaped Reinforced Envelope Gaskets are recommended in applications that require a restricted flange seal width or thick inserts.

Envelope Gaskets: materials

Virgin and modified PTFE are recommended for chemical fluorine application and to improve compression strength deformation properties.