O-Rings are an economic and efficient sealing element for a wide range of static applications, which serve as a barrier that blocks the leak paths between surfaces.

They are more advantageous than other sealing systems thanks to simplicity of construction, standardized seal dimensions and low cost due to high volume manufacturing.

Sealing properties are always achieved through compression or a squeezing action, resulting in a deformation of the cross-section of the O-Ring.

O-Rings are mainly used for static sealing application in pipes, cylinders, bushings, stems, flanges and connections.

Our production of PTFE O-Rings generates high production synergies and an accurate quality inspection system, which was developed to achieve 100% product compliance.

We have, in fact, developed in-house equipment to inspect dimensions, height, flatness and concentricity of the rings in order to prevent defects or irregularities.

Our dimensional size list complies with standard specifications according to Aerospace Standard 568 published by the Society of Automotive Engineers AS568A.

O-Rings: Materials

Virgin PTFE, modified PTFE, glass filled PTFE