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Quality, technology and innovation are the key factors of fluorseals, world leader in engineered fluoropolymer products and solutions.

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Semifinished PTFE

guide strips PTFE

Special Semifinished PTFE

fabricated parts

Fabricated Parts

high performance thermoplastics

High Performance Thermoplastics


Virgin PTFE

For medical equipment and pharmaceutical applications, building and construction.

Modified PTFE

For chemical industries, electronic and semiconductors.

PTFE Compounds

For automotive applications, aerospace and Oil & Gas industries.

fluteck™ K Natural PEEK

For Medical applications, Chemical and Food & Beverage industries.

fluteck™ K PEEK Compounds

For Oil & Gas applications, Mechanical and Electromechanical industries.

fluteck™ C 100 PCTFE

For cryogenic application, Electronics and Semiconductors industries.

fluteck™ C 200 ECTFE

For piping, vassels and reactors, chemical industry and semiconductors.

fluteck™ F 200 FEP

For chemical protection, electrical insulation and Medical industries.

fluteck™ E 400 ETFE

For wire and cable insulation and layer architecture applications.

fluteck™ V PVDF 100

For electrical applications, chemical industries and pumps and valves.

fluteck™ F PFA 100

For chemical applications, pumps and valves, wire and cable insulation.


Isostatic molding

Screw Extrusion


Compression molding

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Material Approvals and Certificates

June 21th 2021

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