High quality PTFE products in the Chemical Industry.

Our fluteck™ are subjected to specific and strict tests to ensure customers high quality PTFE products in the Chemical Industry.

PTFE materials are among the most convenient trade-off for chemical applications, thanks to the perfect synergy between quality, strength, mechanical properties, cleanliness and purity of the material.

For this reason, through the certifications obtained for our PTFE, we are able to provide different solutions even for more demanding environments.

Therefore, quality solutions and materials guarantee a reduction in maintenance times. High quality PTFE is vital to avoid leaks of highly-polluted and corrosive liquids.
By using PTFE we make possible to respect current legislation on environmental protection.

Our solutions for Chemical industry

  • Components for tank lining applications
  • Butterfly valves’ inliners
  • Membranes
  • Sealing gaskets and flanges
  • Envelope gaskets
  • Steel lined gaskets
  • Components for pump and filter elements