All major machining operations can be performed on fluoropolymers and this includes turning, milling, grinding, boring and threading. The right choice of suitable tools and the speed of machining are two key factors to obtain high quality finished components.

Many of the tools used during machining are custom-made, this enable us to produce even the most complex part.

It is important to note that all fluoropolymers have a much higher coefficient of thermal expansion than metals and therefore heat accumulates rapidly during processing affecting the range of tolerances that can be guaranteed on machined components. Internal tensions in the semi-finished material will also influence the processing and the actual final dimensions.

To ensure excellent dimensional stability we can stabilize all semi-finished products, this process allow the release of all the internal tension by heating the material up to 285°C, maintaining this temperature for several hours and then slowly cool it to room temperature.

This is why we provide extensive inspection capabilities and internal testing, including a fully equipped dimensional inspection department, to ensure high tolerance compliance for a wide range of components and assemblies.

We can also provide complete process approval (customer audit approval) to provide fully compliant certified products and solutions (Defectiveness ppm = 0 and/or process capability minimum requirement of CPK 1.33 Process Capability Index. – Alternatively 100% dimensional and visual control).