Medical equipment and Pharmaceutical

Reliable, safe and biocompatible products

For medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry we produce reliable, safe and biocompatible products.

Strict in providing products that meet the USP Class VI standard requirements and special biocompatible quality according to ISO 10993, we have wide selection of fluteck suited for these applications.

The non-toxic properties of PTFE – even at high operating temperatures – combined with its self-lubrication capacity and chemical inertia, make it suitable for this specific sector.

We also guarantee products in PFA, FEP and PCTFE perfect for the pharmaceutical and medical field.

Our solutions for Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical industry

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Parts and accessories of medical devices
  • Trays
  • Containers to transport aggressive liquids
  • Vessels

That categorizes medical devices according to nature and duration of body contact. The additional intensity of ISO-10993 testing is due to it primarily being required for medical devices that will be permanently or semi-permanently implanted into a patient. For devices that are not intended to be implanted or will have limited contact with patients, ISO-10993 testing may be more extensive than necessary.