fluteck™ E - ETFE and FEP

for aircraft and spacecraft applications

ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) is a fluorinated copolymer with excellent resistance to chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation. Good mechanical properties and high resistance to abrasion and impact.

The ETFE is used in films or panels to cover the exterior of architectural structures (by film lamination). Another key use of the ETFE is the coating of electrical and fiber optic cables and wiring. In addition, the addition of glass fiber in fluteck™ E401 further improves its mechanical properties such as deformation, wear resistance and abrasion.
FEP (fluorinated propylene ethylene) is a relatively soft fluoropolymer, with mechanical properties very similar to those of PTFE but with a lower continuous service temperature and better thermal stability.
The FEP has a low friction coefficient, a very high degree of resistance to stress cracks, wear and heat resistance, thus maintaining its properties over a wide range of temperatures.