fluteck™ C - PCTFE and ECTFE

the best choice for cryogenic applications

PCTFE (Polychlorinotrifluoroethylene) has a relatively low melting point compared to other fluoropolymers due to the presence of a chlorine atom that gives rise to irregularities in the polymer chain and reduces the polymer’s crystallinity. This polymer has a low absorption rate of water vapor and moisture, compared to all other polymers.
PCTFE is resistant to the attacks of most chemicals and oxidation, as it has no hydrogen atoms.
The main field of application of PCTFE is cryogenics as it best preserves its mechanical properties at extremely low temperatures and is therefore the least fragile of fluoropolymers.

ECTFE (Ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene) has excellent electrical properties while maintaining its properties at extreme temperatures. Among its many properties we underline its flame-retardant, resistant to radiation, to acids even at high concentrations and temperatures, to caustic media, to oxidizing agents and to many solvents.
Due to its electrical insulating properties, ECTFE fluoropolymer is suitable for protecting the underlying mechanical layers such as fibre reinforced plastic or steel.
This makes it ideal for primary and secondary coating of wires and cables. In addition, ECTFE has good UV resistance, particularly against UV-A and UV-B rays, making it suitable for external applications and in the field of corrosion protection.