Compression molding

Compression molding is used to obtain bars, tubes and sheets.

In compression molding, PTFE powder is initially compressed with a hydraulic press in a pre-form at room temperature and then sintered in special heat-cycle furnaces preset at controlled temperature.

As PTFE is an excellent thermal insulator the sintering process needs to be carefully controlled, uniform temperature in all parts of the oven is paramount and the preform is slowly heated up to ensure uniform temperature across its entire thickness. Once the sintering has been completed the preform returns to room temperature only after a closely controlled cooling cycle.

During this cycle the crystallinity of the polymers can be managed and controlled by small temperature variations, to give the resin specific properties.

To supervise the complete process is used a supervising software that monitors and register time, pressure and temperature, the key factors to obtain a semi-finished material with the best properties.

Compression molding is used to obtain rods, tubes and sheets.