Etched Products

Special Semifinished PTFE products from virgin PTFE to PTFE compounds up to modified PTFE.

Etching process with sodium-ammonia makes PTFE sheets and tape bondable to themselves or to metals. The etching process extract fluorine atoms at the surface creating a carbonaceous layer which can be bonded with the appropriate adhesives.

Key properties

  • Excellent resistance to continuous service temperatures starting from -100°C (212°F) up to 200°C (392°F) and, for limited periods, even to higher temperatures; the low temperature resistance of the product enables satisfactory performance at temperatures as low as –190°C (-310°F)
  • PTFE possesses a high inertness towards nearly all known chemicals. Only alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressures can affect PTFE properties
  • PTFE is insoluble in all solvents up to temperatures as high as 300°C (572°F). Certain highly fluorinated oils swell and dissolve PTFE only at temperatures close to the crystalline melting point

Our strength

  • Skills to match the narrowest requirements of purity and reduced contamination consistently along the entire tape length (e.g. pin-holes absence, excluding contamination larger than 0,1 mm2, no scratch, no cracks)
  • Strict tolerances on width and thicknesses
  • Full product quality certifications
  • Flexible and easy to bond


Etched Products: materials

fluteck™ P 1500
fluteck™ P 1550
fluteck™ P 8001 CF