Expanded PTFE

Expanded PTFE is a pure PTFE resin, manufactured by paste extrusion.

The expansion process begins with paste extrusion of fine powder PTFE using typical lubricants or mineral spirits. The lubricant is then completely removed by heat.

Expansion can be done by uniaxial or biaxial stretching of PTFE. The biaxial expanded PTFE has an increased tensile strength and improved recovery properties.

Key properties

  • Adapts excellently to the sealing surfaces and compensates for considerable unevenness, even at changing temperatures and loads
  • Chemically inert, hydrophobic, nonflammable, FDA approved
  • Higher permeability to gases and liquids due to its porous structure
  • Sealing performance maintained over long term

Our strength

  • Both uni-axial and bi-axial expanded ptfe in stock
  • Broad range of sizes and shapes (tapes, rods, sheets)
  • Customized sizes and shapes on request.

Expanded PTFE: materials

fluteck™ P EX100