High Quality PTFE films

High Quality PTFE Films are an high end technical product for electronic application.

fluorseals is able to support you with wide range of technical products, customized on request:

  • High-quality films and tapes with specific restrictive quality requirements for visual appearance, mechanical test, flatness/free of folds/free of tensions.
  • Lining sheet with specific restrictive requirements for contamination (number and sizes max allowed), pin holes, surface defects such as scratch, mark, and the quality etching treatment to be very homogeneous. It is suitable for chemical and semiconductors applications.
  • Modified PTFE tapes with specific restrictive requirements for contamination, pin holes, surface defects in general and undulations at the ends of the tape.
  • High-quality films with very low electrical loss and consistent dielectric constant for PCB application.
  • Skived Sheets with specific restrictive requirements on waves, visual aspects and thickness tolerance.

High Quality PTFE Films: materials

fluteck™ P 1500
fluteck™ P 1550
fluteck™ P 9800 CS
fluteck™ P 9850 CS