Dimpled sheets

PTFE dimpled sheets and PTFE dimpled disks are used in civil engineering as essential components in the design and manufacture of structural bridge bearings.

A bridge bearing is a component that connects bridge piers to the underlying structure and enables a controlled movement mostly caused by thermal expansion, wind load, structural adjustments or tremors.

This renders the structure more flexible and resilient to external stresses. PTFE is used as a buffer between structural elements to facilitate sliding movements of the structure.

Key properties

  • Durable sliding properties
  • Unaffected by weather conditions
  • Self lubricating properties
  • PTFE guarantees superior wear characteristics

Our strength

  • Proven track record of success
  • Long time experience
  • Our PTFE meets European Standard EN 1337-2 requirements
  • Our PTFE meets US Standard AASHTO requirements
  • One side etched for safe bonding


EN 1337-2:
fluteck™ P 2010
fluteck™ P 1100
fluteck™ P 8600 GL
fluteck™ P 7500 CCF