fluteck™ P - PTFE

for different industrial applications

The basic properties of PTFE deliver quantifiable and valued benefits, which originate from the chemical structure of the fluoropolymer. Most of us don’t get to see PTFE but many of the common devices which make our life easier, more comfortable, healthier and also more fun would not exist without PTFE and its exceptional properties.
Fundamental properties and useful attributes of PTFE:

  • High melting point
  • High thermal stability
  • Retains its basic mechanical properties allowing it to be used over a wide range of temperatures (–200° C to +260°C)
  • Insolubility
  • Low dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Low dielectric constant/dissipation factor
  • Low absorption coefficient
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Flame-retardant properties
  • Purity
  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Biological inertness
  • Suited for use in some cryogenic applications
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent insulating properties